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Elixum Releases New Solution for Risk-Aware Supply Chain Planning

Mannheim, 10/28/2022  Elixum – a CAMELOT Group Company today announced the launch of „Avatar Strategic Risk and Resilience Capability Management“. The new solution helps organizations overcome the shortcomings of traditional supply chain risk management and incorporate risk effectively into supply chain planning and decision-making.

In today’s highly volatile external environment it has become impossible to forecast disruptive events such as a pandemic, a drought, or the eruption of a volcano. However, companies often center their supply chain risk management around predicting the probability of such risk events. The new Elixum solution Avatar Strategic Risk and Resilience Capability Management allows moving to a new risk management approach that focuses on the proactive assessment of the impact any kind of disruption will have on the supply chain. This allows organizations to identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies to build up supply chain resilience proactively. This puts a stop to short-term firefighting and helps to right-size inventories, maintain service levels, and reduce supply chain costs.

Quantifying Value at Risk:

The new Elixum solution comprises an integrated end-to-end supply chain network assessment and reconfiguration leveraging data analytics and mathematical optimization modeling. It provides deep insights into an organization’s most vulnerable resources as well as on the resilient ones. By stress-testing the supply chain network on individually defined scenarios, Avatar Strategic Risk and Resilience Capability Management quantifies the value at risk and proposes enhanced mitigation strategies. The solution is cloud-native and integrates easily with any existing supply chain planning system.

Personal demos of the solution can be booked as of today on elixum.com.

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