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The New Wow in
Supply Chain Planning

Orchestrate your supply chain at a new level with our intelligent supply chain planning software. For insight-based decisions. For resilient operations in turbulent times. For sustainable success and growth.

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The Essence

A new kind of composable best-of-breed solutions, a hyper-secure and infrastructure-agnostic platform, and pioneering technology: this is the New Wow in Supply Chain Planning.


Fusing the Best of Two Worlds

Avatar combines next-generation Advanced Planning & Scheduling capabilities and an AI-powered cognitive engine, enabling decision support and automation at an unprecedented level of performance – for all planning levels, processes, and decision tiers. It provides a new breed of highly flexible and blended cloud-native applications that complement, enhance, and integrate with existing systems to make and execute decisions in real-time.

Hypertrust Platform


Unleashing Digital Innovation

All Avatar solutions come with the integrated  Hypertrust Platform allowing for any-infrastructure deployment. The platform’s architecture makes it dynamically extensible with third-party products and platforms. Open-source software, innovations, and enterprise-grade capabilities allow customers to build tailored solutions. Hypertrust Platform is infrastructure agnostic and hyper secure leveraging confidential computing based on INTEL SGX.



Faster and Better Decisions

Avatar’s service mesh architecture enables composable supply chain planning solutions and real cross-company collaboration. Its Unified Core Model is the common data hub for three different engines–the Planning Engine, the Cognitive Engine, and the Optimizer Engine–and the foundation of unprecedented decision support with zero latency. The result: faster and better planning decisions than anything you have ever experienced. 

Discover Our Solutions

Imagine being able to identify risks and weaknesses in your supply chain in just the blink of an eye, being prepared and making decisions earlier than ever before, having an integrated link from operations to sales, and a supply chain planning software guiding your company through shaky times with maximum foresight.

It’s not clairvoyance—it’s Avatar!


These Could Be Your Results

Increase productivity and reduce costs through optimized schedules and a close link to execution. With smart decisions, well-managed capabilities, and collaboration. Surpass the expectations of customers and partners through outstanding performance and record high product availability—with maximum focus on sustainability. Secure the performance of your value chain with a robust network and the ability to respond to disruptions with unprecedented speed.

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Low TCO & Fast ROI

Avatar allows rapid deployment of relevant planning applications. Its easy-to-use functionalities enable a smooth and highly scalable transition to next-level technologies while avoiding the pitfalls of complex and long-lasting solution implementations. Supported by the Elixum Academy, knowledge can be easily built up and maintained at a high level.

Avatar gives customers full flexibility and independence to further shape their supply chain planning, enabled by its open-source extension concept and the ability to deploy ideas via the Avatar Extension Framework. It offers unique high-performance extensibility for the data model and functions by using a unique cloud-based code-to-data approach.

Customers can easily enhance the existing standard application logic, add their own optimization models as well as machine learning skills, and create custom planning algorithms from scratch.

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