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Boost your forecasting & demand management

Accurately forecast and shape your customers’ demands with Avatar Demand Management. Extend existing sources of information with semantic and external data like social media or stock information channels. Create an intelligent and holistic digital demand model to complement your modern planning processes with AI-powered planning capabilities. Benefit from the Avatar pre-configuration and create value from day one. 

Demand Management

Demand Planning at a New Level



Generate forecasts based on global ESG databases to achieve full transparency in terms of the environmental impact of planning decisions with Avatar’s green algorithms. Evaluate demand planning scenarios alongside margin and sales targets for CO2 emissions, energy, and water consumption.


A Multi-Step Machine
Learning Forecast

Upgrade statistical methods with machine learning algorithms in a best-of-both-worlds approach that reduces unexplained demand volatility from the firststage statistical forecast by applying ML models. Increase forecast accuracy by leveraging demand drivers and crosslearning.  


Behavioral Excellence
Powered by AI

Assist demand planners with direct feedback on their decision-making through personalized and responsible artificial intelligence. Ensure that adjustments truly improve forecast accuracy and that only non-biased market information is considered.  


The Root of
Growth & Resilience

Ensure growth and resilience in your entire value chain. Actively manage your demand and leverage the latest demand-shaping technology to maximize your revenue opportunities. Prepare for market disruptions by analyzing different scenarios in combination with probabilistic forecasts to reflect a wide range of possible realities. 


Plug &

Get started immediately with Avatar Demand Planning. Follow the preconfigured planning process with the advanced functionalities and data streams best suited for your industry, and easily customize it as needed. In addition, Avatar’s Process Orchestration enables quick and easy integration into your existing system landscape. 

demand planning

Holistically Coordinated
Demand Planning

Generate one consistent demand plan across the strategic, tactical, and operational horizons. Prepare your supply resources by anticipating short-term order changes with demand sensing as well as forecasting mid- and long-term demand in a single planning workflow—your starting point for a tightly integrated S&OP process. 

Combining Univariate and ML Forecasting

Follow a stepwise forecasting approach and complement advanced statistical methods with powerful machine learning algorithms. Apply both methods in their proven domain and create highly accurate demand plans by leveraging the best of both worlds—in a fully automated manner. 

Benefit from proven conventional models in statistical forecasting to identify demand patterns from your sales history and predict future demand figures. 

Augment statistics with advanced machine learning technology to model previously inexplicable demand volatility. Identify the impact of external data streams on the existing forecast figures and cross-learn from other products’ sales figures and individual demand drivers.  

AI-powered Behavioral Excellence

Avatar’s AI Assistant guides and supports demand planners in enriching the demand plan. It identifies and automates recurring, meaningful plan enhancements and learns by evaluating the accuracy of previous adjustments. The intelligent assistant gives your planners real-time feedback on their decisions, including the rationale for the recommendation.  

This AI assistant is a neutral layer that helps validate the quality of adjustments. Consequently, decisions become less biased, more valuable, and based solely on actual market information. The result: organizational behavior is improved, meetings are more efficient, manual effort is reduced, and the consensus plan is more accurate. 

Plug & Plan

Take your demand plan to maximum performance with the ready-to-start Avatar Demand Management, including pre-defined parameterization and initialization. 

Benefit from automated forecasting with smart model selection based on best-fit and forecast-model-averaging algorithms and enter the world of next-generation functionalities such as probabilistic forecasting. 

Insightful KPIs and an intuitive user interface guide planners through the process and aligned demand shaping to value-adding decisions. 

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