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Quickly identify and flexibly respond to imbalances between supply and demand in your multilevel network

With Avatar Supply Management, enterprises concurrently balance demand and supply within their multi-tier supply chain networks. Planning results can be steered towards service, resilience, and financial targets as well as ESG goals. For quick and accurate decision-making, Avatar’s Enterprise Mesh redefines collaboration by connecting planners and external partners across the entire supply chain—with zero latency.

Supply Management

Operationalize Your Strategic
and Tactical Plans



Machine learning techniques and the concept of segment-based planning continuously break down aggregated plans to the lowest level. This enables strategic and tactical decision-making on an aggregated level while ensuring feasible planning results for operations at all times.


Decision Automation

Steer your supply chain according to business objectives such as service and resilience by taking advantage of the latest planning approaches and algorithms. Avatar autonomously secures a balanced supply plan even during manual planning activities.

inventory management

Supply Chain Resilience with
Minimized Inventory Levels

Avatar allows for the use of the right supply planning method that takes into consideration planning constraints like working capital, SLAs or time to sustain.

scenario planning

What-if Simulations

Intuitively drive infinite what-if simulations and ensure their consistency across the multi-tier supply chain. Enable local adaptions with immediate impact analyses to the end-to-end plan using preconfigured and self-defined KPIs.


Horizontal Concurrency
for E2E Visibility

Enable horizontal concurrency by orchestrating the multi-tier supply chain network including external partners. Get full visibility of the impact of occurring exceptions and decision support on immediate mitigation actions.


Vertical Concurrency for
Consistent Decision-Making

Drive decision-making across all planning horizons and aggregation levels by utilizing the vertical concurrency of supply planning, scheduling, and execution. Understand the impact of activities on all aggregation levels in your supply chain.

Supply Chain Planning Mesh–
S&OE across the Supply Chain Ecosystem

By creating a planning mesh with a federated data model, Avatar enables native inclusion of external suppliers and customers. This allows for a bi-directional orchestration of all supply chain partners. Collaborative scenario management helps to achieve a true end-to-end consensus with Sales & Operation Execution across the complete supply chain ecosystem.

Segment-Based Planning

Avatar’s supply management uses machine learning algorithms to create segments and hierarchies as the foundation for aggregated planning based on existing product information and structures. This allows for the disaggregation of tactical supply plans by already reflecting all relevant operational constraints.

In case of incomplete data, Avatar automatically creates planning objects to ensure realistic capacity utilization and material reservation. Once the more detailed data basis becomes available, planners can then consistently operationalize decisions into more detailed levels.

Thus, a vertical concurrency of strategic, tactical, and operational planning is always present at all horizons.

The Demand-Driven Operating Model

The Avatar Demand-Driven Operating Model (DDOM) feature enables lead time compression, reduction in inventory levels, improvement in customer satisfaction, and an increased return on investment. It provides perfect visibility of actual demand and realistic supply on all stages of the entire supply network.

Order priorities can be propagated throughout the network to facilitate a demand-driven production scheduling and distribution planning. Our unique Demand Driven Deployment logic for advanced supply propagation ensures the optimal allocation of available material. It balances inventory levels via prioritized share and automatically generates feasible supply plans according to customizable prioritization rules.

The solution is based on Avatar Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning and designed to cope with all types of supply networks, including multisourcing, complex multilevel bill of material structures, and mixed-mode make-to-order and make-to-stock supply chains.


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