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Three driving forces are impacting aerospace and defense businesses, leading to the reconfiguration of their supply chains and accelerating the digitization of planning and execution processes: First, disruptions such as the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change-related government regulations and changed consumer awareness and preferences. Second, the sudden effect of increased military spending led to a shift to other product groups with different life cycles. The third force is the shortening of product life cycles and new technologies such as electric propulsion and hydrogen fuel cells, impacting R&D, product lifecycle and data management, and supply chain and manufacturing operations.

Supply chain risk management, end-to-end network planning, and synchronized plans and schedules are now becoming key requirements.

Special planning features of Elixum Avatar for the aerospace and defense industry:

  • End-to-end inventory management and visibility
  • Cross-department S&OP
  • Cross-site simulation of planning scenarios
  • Synchronization of tactical planning and shop-floor execution
  • Effectively managed decoupling points for WIP and components
  • Risk-aware planning considering unknown disruptions
  • Strong planning integration with financial, commercial, engineering planning, and purchasing
  • Synchronization of the planning process and engineering master data lifecycle
  • Effective orchestration of spare parts management and production planning
  • Monitoring of logistics events, disruptions, and supplier risk

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Increase productivity and reduce costs through optimized schedules and a close link to execution. With smart decisions, well-managed capabilities, and collaboration. Surpass the expectations of customers and partners through outstanding performance and record high product availability—with maximum focus on sustainability. Secure the performance of your value chain with a robust network and the ability to respond to disruptions with unprecedented speed.

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