Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Orchestrate your business around disruptions and constraints

In times of increasing disruptions and constraints, tactical decisions must be cross-functional, target-oriented, and value-based. Avatar S&OP enables organizations to develop realistic supply plans at flexible aggregation levels for the first time.

Companies can create and evaluate multiple what-if scenarios based on a digital twin. Avatar considers all relevant constraints as well as sustainability and financial impact, and it supports optimal decision-making, leading to increased revenue, profitability, and resilience of the supply chain.


Boost Your S&OP Process


Decision Support
for Sustainability

Balance financial and non-financial KPIs with powerful solvers, and consider constraints, resilience, and carbon footprint information in the S&OP decision process.

supply management

Supply Planning

Apply powerful solvers and ML algorithms to plan on segments and aggregates, such as product or resource groups, based on the Avatar Unified Core Model.



Simultaneously consider supply plans and detailed logistics capabilities in all what-if scenarios to ensure that the final plan is feasible and executable and the cost and carbon footprint is efficient.

scenario planning


Use advanced multi-scenario management, and benefit from a solid foundation for S&OP decision-making. Use comparison and sharing functionalities to collaboratively evaluate scenarios.

stress test


Get valuable insights into the robustness of planning scenarios. Build on the Avatar Strategic Risk & Resilient Capability Management results and define detailed mitigation options to increase supply chain resilience.

S & OE


S&OP decisions are operationalized into an achievable S&OE plan by breaking down these tactical decisions into detailed instructions for high impact on your supply chain planning.

Orchestrate All Levels of Your Supply Chain

Manage the supply chain ecosystem through horizontal integration—break down organizational silos, engage customers and suppliers in your decision-making process, and create a single source of truth across your supply chain.

Simultaneously operationalize S&OP decisions into an achievable S&OE plan through vertical integration, thereby breaking down tactical input into detailed instructions and parameters that can be executed on a day-to-day basis.

Achieve simultaneously aggregated and detailed planning to drive this process. Visualize and resolve constraints on the high-level S&OP plan based on detailed level data without losing relevant information or usability.

Unlimited What-if Scenarios.
Select Your Best Alternative

Develop and evaluate multiple scenarios based on realistic assumptions using multi-scenario management. Create, evaluate, and share unlimited alternative planning scenarios based on a digital twin synchronized in real-time, that considers all planning aspects, including CO2 information, for each scenario.

Enable planners to determine the best scenarios with the support of ML algorithms and advanced analytics tools. Automatically recognize shifting material or moving bottlenecks—get smart alerts including root cause analysis with clear mitigation actions.

In addition to scenario evaluations, the Avatar KPI framework lets you continuously monitor supply chain performance, assess execution against the plan, highlight deviations and key exceptions, adjust configurations, and trigger corrective actions.

Smart & Fast

Identify and resolve critical supply chain situations with powerful planning and optimization engines that can operate with unmatched speed at both the segment or the aggregate level and detail level. Evaluate the results at all stages of your supply chain in terms of risk and stochastic uncertainties. Avatar achieves this by tightly integrating superior algorithms with the power of our in-memory graph database.

Exceed traditional approaches by considering logistical constraints and their financial implications in plans and scenarios and by optimizing sustainability and resilience as part of planning. Extend your decision-making by creating new nodes in the supply chain on an ad-hoc basis and by integrating a new supplier or contract manufacturer, for example, when needed.

Automatically create a digital twin as an accurate representation of the real supply chain through intelligent integration with your supply chain planning landscape, whether it is SAP, Kinaxis, OMP, etc.

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