Logistics planning fully integrated into concurrent supply chain planning ​

Avatar helps organizations overcome the lack of linkage between supply chain planning and execution by providing logistics and operations with a unified planning model. 

Logistics Planning

Benefits of Incorporating Logistics
into Supply Chain Planning


Increased Reliability

Increase supply chain reliability by balancing demand, supply, and available logistics capacity across all planning horizons.



Reduce the carbon footprint by securing supply chain capacity in a timely manner, avoiding express or air shipments, and helping logistics achieve optimal utilization.

S & OE

Cost Reduction

Consider optimal transport loads in the supply chain planning process to ensure that the logistics capacity is proactively secured at reasonable costs.


Supply Chain Visibility

Incorporate logistics information into supply chain planning to make available logistics capacities visible, to anticipate and manage potential bottlenecks early, and to reduce the operational rush.

client satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer service levels by avoiding logistics bottlenecks and enable real-time collaboration between all functions in the supply chain.



Risk Mitigation

Benefit from end-to-end scenario capabilities to analyze potential logistics bottlenecks and devise remediation strategies as a solid base for decision-making.


Complete the Supply Chain Puzzle with Logistics Planning

By linking the strategic and executive levels as well as supply chain planning and logistics execution, scarce logistics capacity can be managed.

To break new ground, Avatar integrates logistics as an integral part of concurrent supply chain planning to better manage all capacity, increase reliability, and improve service levels with reduced costs, inventory, and lead times.

Avatar provides a single source for all relevant information and KPIs, from S&OP via S&OE to execution, and comes with optimization models that cover supply and logistics planning in one go.

Ensure Sufficient Logistics Capacities in a Timely Manner

Avatar enables you to match demand and supply plans with logistics capacity during the S&OP process, so you can proactively address logistics bottlenecks and secure critical capacity at a reasonable cost.

The logistics planning process also connects the different levels  from strategic planning to execution. This smooth process and data connection concept enables the making of informed decisions about multiple scenarios in terms of capacity constraints and logistics costs.

The Avatar Optimizer Engine incorporates key logistics information such as the lead time impact of current events, logistics load sizes, and capacity constraints on transportation lanes and warehouses.

Creating Relevant Visibility for Your End-to-End Supply Chain

Having full visibility in your end-to-end supply chain is key for all layers – from strategy down to execution, and this also applies to logistics. The Avatar Control Tower allows the steering of decision-making processes by connecting data across the different layers. 

Avatar’s Smart Alerting only triggers alerts when they are relevant to decision-making and ensures that information is communicated to all relevant stakeholders. For example, an alert is only triggered when a late delivery disrupts the flow in your supply chain.

In addition, Avatar Predictive Track & Trace can bundle all relevant data sources into a single platform, with plug-and-play connectivity to leading visibility platform providers.

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