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Risk & Resilience

Tired of “managing” risks? Start incorporating risk into decision-making now!

Avatar Strategic Risk and Resilient Capability Management breaks new ground in risk management. Instead of chasing events that are hard to predict, it identifies vulnerabilities and develops strategies to proactively build supply chain resilience. 

It includes an integrated end-to-end approach to network assessment and reconfiguration that uses data analytics and mathematical optimization models to mitigate supply chain risks and provide deep insights into the most vulnerable assets. Avatar stress tests supply chains and logistics networks in individually defined scenarios, quantifies value-at-risk, and develops improved risk mitigation strategies.

Strategic Risk Resilience

Tackling Tomorrow's Challenges Today

digital twin

Digital Twin

By digitizing your supply chain with Avatar, you create visibility and leverage existing resilience capabilities across your entire network, including suppliers and customers.


Mitigation Design

Design and allocate the most promising mitigation strategies taking into consideration constraints, such as inventory costs, and re-evaluate your supply chain performance under optimized conditions.


Intuitive Dashboards

From network visualizations to advanced graphical data representationAvatar provides dashboards to dive deep into optimization results and to compare scenarios, resources, and KPIs at a glance.

stress test

Stress Test

Stress test your network by optimally reallocating demand across thousands of automatically generated risk scenarios and get instant insight into your most vulnerable resources in terms of financial impact.

S & OE

Advanced Analytics

Our data-driven approach embraces various mathematical optimization methods like stochastic programming or machine learning to quantify your best supply chain performance.


Risk KPIs

Evaluate the risk level of your supply chain by using the same KPIs that are used on your daily business assessment in addition to standardized risk KPIs.

Strategic Network Planning

The starting point of any advanced risk assessment is the bucket-oriented end-to-end network planning which forms the basis for the subsequent stress test. Considering all technical and business constraints, you can easily assess your current network performance with Avatar.

Whether it’s maximizing revenue or service levels, minimizing total supply chain costs, or others, your individual goals are the guardrails for modeling all of your network resources. You get an overview of production, inventory, and transportation quantities at all levels.

With this optimal allocation of demand, you can ensure ideal end-to-end network flow, sales, and profitability in your S&OP process as well.

Supply Chain Stress Test

Stress testing your network for all possibly occurring disruption scenarios is the core of becoming risk aware.

Evaluate thousands of alternative disruption profiles with stochastic modeling and quantify their impact on end-to-end network performance, such as revenue, service levels, or utilization, to identify both resilient and particularly vulnerable resources in your network.

Such a disruption impact assessment proactively identifies bottlenecks and interdependencies of resources by simulating how your supply chain will behave under given configurations and potential resource disruptions. In this way, you can lay the foundation for any decision toward a more resilient supply chain network.

Mitigation Design

Prepare your supply chain for what could come nextidentify risk mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of disruptions by applying stress testing results. Avatar helps identify relevant disruption scenarios to consider for developing optimal supply chain risk mitigation strategies.

Risk inventory, additional resource capacity, external sourcing options, and new transportation links are included as mitigation measures to enable quantitative decision support.

With Avatar, difficulties in defining and choosing the appropriate risk mitigation measures and corresponding budgets will be a thing of the past!

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