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Integrated ESG

The path to supply chain sustainability starts with integrating ESG in processes and software – complementing cost, quality, and capital

Avatar enriches supply chain network data with ESG information such as carbon emission or water use to provide forward-looking decision-making support.

Integrating ESG information into supply chain processes such as supply planning and scenario evaluation, network design, and demand planning enables supply chain leaders to make ESG part of their day-to-day decision-making process.

Avatar empowers existing supply chain management solutions to spur sustainability from the heart of the business.


From Supply Chain Planning to Execution


Making Sustainability

With Avatar, the impact of ESG becomes visible: it provides granularity at the product level along the value chain and key supply chain processes.


Enabling New Know-How
& Capabilities

Avatar’s analytics and visualization capabilities give supply chain managers a deep understanding of ESG along the end-to-end value chain. This includes flexible deep dives, drill-downs, and analytics. Furthermore, it enables building new critical skills in the operations team to successfully drive the sustainability transformation.


Assessing ESG Performance
for Supply Chain Decisions

Avatar enables decision-makers to quantify and assess the impact of supply chain processes on ESG performance. It incorporates ESG criteria in the scenario evaluation to optimize supply networks and sourcing decisions.


Transparency & Reporting

Continuous ESG data collection supports ESG management. Thus, risk exposure can be identified and mitigated earlier. It allows Avatar to assess ESG compliance performance and automate reporting procedures.


Using ESG Data to Optimize Supply Chain Decision-Making

The transformation toward an ESG-oriented supply chain

Avatar evaluates and quantifies the impact of current and future-oriented supply chain operations from a socially and environmentally sustainable perspective. The solution advances decision-making to maximize ESG performance and profitability.

With a focus on green performance, the software seamlessly integrates metrics like CO2 performance in tactical supply planning and logistics planning. By design, managers are enabled to reconsider process decisions, thus advancing sustainability. The software breaks down the impact of changes within the supply chain on ESG performance on a granular level. This results in an improved understanding of cause and effect. Moreover, Avatar refines end-to-end scenario planning by adding ESG-related data points and evaluating the impact of externalities such as energy and CO2 taxations with smart alerts.

Reducing ESG Risks in
Supply Chain Network Design

ESG Risk & Resilient Capability Management

Avatar adapts already existing supply chain risk management procedures under the consideration of new ESG criteria. Analytics suggest decision support for re-adjusting the network design to advance resilience.

Avatar re-identifies a company’s sustainability-related risk profile and supports network design with a holistic and quantitative analysis by adapting, e.g., “what-if” scenarios. Moreover, Avatar synchronizes existing planning procedures with new ESG criteria while developing a transparent ESG performance dashboard aligned with pre-defined targets. The performance will be assessed under consideration of regulatory developments, climate-related risk events, and shifts in decision patterns of stakeholders along the value chain. With the solution, supply chain leaders can evaluate future disruptions and thus help reduce severe impacts on supply chain performance early on.

Enhance Demand Management with ESG Data to Drive Environmental-Friendly Supply Options

Integrating ESG in Demand Planning

Avatar combines carbon emission, water and electricity consumption data with the demand forecast. It enables supply chain decision-makers to anticipate the development of a supply chain’s ESG impact and to actively make supply decisions to reduce their companies’ footprints.

Linking ESG data with demand forecasts enables new insights to answer questions such as: Do current business plans support our ESG objectives? Is evaluation related to EU taxonomy supported? What are the projected drivers of high emissions in the future?

Avatar helps link sustainability data with master data on the product location level as a critical prerequisite for superior visibility.

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