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Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE)

Continuously balancing supply chain plans against constraints & disruptions

Pioneering the market, the Avatar S&OE solution links operational planning to tactical S&OP decisions and company targets. Based on a strong master planning process and the visibility provided by the Avatar Control Tower, the solution enables companies to react quickly when plans are disrupted. This allows companies to turn execution feedback into a supply chain advantage instead of wasting resources and time in constant firefighting.


The Pioneering S&OE Solution


Decision Support

Manage highly complex supply chains, balance competing targets, and react to exceptions and unexpected changes with superior visibility, system-recommended actions, and unmatched planning speed.

scenario planning

Unlimited Scenarios
& Simulation Capabilities

Create, evaluate, and share multiple scenarios in real-time to perform advanced what-if analysis and improve supply network resilience. Find the best response to changing realities or market demands with our advanced multi-scenario management.

end to end

End-to-End Planning

Calculate a concurrent, feasible master plan on an aggregated and detailed level powered by the Avatar Unified Core Model. Consider all constraints using strong planning algorithms that reflect challenges in daily business.


ML-Based Plan
Evaluation & Execution

Use cognitive automation and machine learning as well as powerful solvers to evaluate alternative plans. Guide planners with smart proposals and even automate planning steps.

control tower

Control Tower

Reveal current and potential problems in your supply chain with smart alerts. Enable target-driven collaboration and end-to-end orchestration to safeguard against demand and supply fluctuations.

S and OP

Link S&OP
& Execution

Operationalize your S&OP decisions in a feasible S&OE plan by breaking down tactical input into execution instructions to create significantly impact your supply chain.

Concurrent Demand and Supply Balancing

From the implementation of tactical decisions to safeguarding against operational disruptions, enable the demand and supply orchestration of complex global value chains on one powerful platform by using innovative technologies and real-time data.

Determine the end-to-end demand and supply balance on a weekly basis. Address material or capacity shortages, represented in the Avatar Unified Core Model as a digital twin, with high-performance solvers. Cover industry-specific capabilities like tank resources or cyclic production as well as logistics constraints and their impact on different supply scenarios.

Efficiently Respond to
Supply Chain Disruptions

Monitor real-time signals to identify disruptions in the operational horizon. Achieve transparency and visibility across the end-to-end network with respect to inventory, market opportunities, and constraints based on a pre-defined, easily adjustable KPI framework.

Orchestrate rapid reactions and corrective measures across the value chain based on advanced multi-scenario management, flexible what-if simulations, and a sophisticated root cause and impact analysis.

Detect recurring decision patterns and automate demand and supply shaping with an intelligent evaluation of alternatives through advanced ML technology.

Link Tactical Decisions
to Operations

Seamlessly connect planning decisions from tactical to operational levels and automate synchronization based on guided workflows, a common platform, and the Avatar Unified Core Model.

Implement S&OP decisions—update and maintain key operating model parameters as a basis for an adaptive value chain in a consistent model spanning across the whole supply chain.

Enable next-level collaborative planning and build company-wide consensus as well as directly integrate external partners like customers, suppliers, or contract manufacturers.

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