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The need for semiconductor products is rising year by year, driven by the speed of innovation in the consumer market and further electrification on the automotive side. The ensuing target picture for semiconductor manufacturers is characterized by a balance of customer volatility, service level achievements, working capital, and asset utilization in a multi-tier global supply network. 

Lead times of often 3-6 months impose a special challenge on this goal, especially with increasingly frequent disruptions further impeding the required agility and resilience. 

Semiconductor manufacturers are operating in an asset-intensive environment with long lead times and must therefore optimize the utilization of manufacturing assets – without compromising on customer service levels. Powerful advanced production planning and scheduling techniques must be available to create and quickly adjust feasible schedules in one or multiple plants or even for single production lines. 

Special planning features of Elixum Avatar for the high-tech industry: 

  • Demand sensing and forecasting by segment, customer and region and fast reconciliation of SKU demands from different channels 
  • Easy aggregation / dis-aggregation for effective segment-based order fulfillment, supply chain planning and profitable execution 
  • Order promising based on end-to-end planning and with reliable commitments 
  • End-to-end multi-tier supplier visibility and planning to support and effectively respond to volatile demands 
  • End-to-end inventory management across the multi-tier supply network 
  • What-if and planning scenario simulation 
  • Advanced planning and scheduling functionality to achieve high asset utilization while keeping committed dates 
  • Risk-aware planning considering unknown disruptions 
  • Strong S&OP and S&OE functionality to support strategic, tactical, and operational planning activities 

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Increase productivity and reduce costs through optimized schedules and a close link to execution. With smart decisions, well-managed capabilities, and collaboration. Surpass the expectations of customers and partners through outstanding performance and record high product availability—with maximum focus on sustainability. Secure the performance of your value chain with a robust network and the ability to respond to disruptions with unprecedented speed.

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