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Network Design

Holistically define your resilient supply chain network 

Avatar Strategic Network Design supports decision-making by identifying the optimal sourcing, production, and warehousing locations in a network. It helps to design a robust network by seamlessly creating what-if scenarios powered by an innovative optimization and simulation engine. 

Strategic Network Design

Next Generation Supply Chain Network Design


Network Design

Identify and evaluate potential disturbances in a value chain. Assess the risk and probability of disruptive events to understand their damage potential and mitigate them before they materialize and retain control.  


Parameter Renewal

Proactively reduce costs and improve service levels by finding the optimal supply chain network of the future. Use the integrated Avatar data model to automatically adjust or set your supply chain parameters.


Design & Planning

Make better strategic decisions on a digital twin across all planning horizons through seamless data aggregation and solution integration that links network design to the planning process for a smooth, synchronized, and responsive supply chain.

Network Optimization

With Avatar, you can create a digital model of your supply chain for network optimization. This digital twin can be optimized by various solvers to answer what, where and how much to produce, where to stock, and how to transport the products across the network.

It also enables planners and managers to create and test business scenarios well in advance and make informed decisions. Integration with the Avatar Risk Engine also enables users to identify the effects of disruptions and build a resilient network.

The integration of Avatar Network Design with Avatar Planning Engine ensures a holistic digital twin covering strategic and tactical decisions.

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