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Elixum Receives The Red Dot Award for Exceptional User Experience and Interface Design

Mannheim, November 6, Elixum – a Camelot Group Company has been honored with the prestigious Red Dot Award in the category of Brand & Communication Design / User Experience & User Interface (UX/UI). The software company received the award for the exceptional design quality within its supply chain planning solutions. The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s most important and recognized design prizes. 

“With our software solutions, we didn’t just want to break new ground in terms of technology and functionality. A unique user experience with an intuitive and visually engaging interface is a central component of our solutions. Winning the Red Dot Award confirms that our UX/UI concept is something special,” said Steffen Joswig, CEO of Elixum. 

Rapid User Adoption

The goal of Elixum’s UX/UI design is to streamline complexity, optimize supply chain processes, and empower decision-makers with intuitive UX/UI design principles, all within a visually compelling interface. Leveraging industry-leading data visualization techniques with interactive graphs and charts allows users to swiftly grasp vital insights, identify patterns, and monitor supply chain trends with ease. Elixum employs a robust design system with a cohesive visual language, consistent typography, color palette, and iconography across all solution components, ensuring seamless navigation and interaction for users. This intuitive design significantly contributes to rapid and extensive user adoption. 
The Red Dot Award was presented last Friday at a festive gala in Berlin. 

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