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Automated Cognitive Problem Solving

Built on more than 25 years of experience in supply chain solutions, Avatar keeps planners’ activities in focus and supports with intuitive and guided user interfaces supported by cognitive proposals in a simplified and non-complex environment.

Smart Defaults

Cognitive Planning Support

Smoothly Running Scheduling Solution

Intuitive User Experience

Planning Orchestration

Simplified Solution Approach

Applications with relevant default settings increase the efficiency of planners. Avatar default settings are fully adaptable or can be proposed by the solution based on recent planning activities.

Next to solution defaults, applications support planners with cognitive planning proposals and corrections. These proposals are not limited to supply chain segments but consider all relevant supply chain information.

A clear, user-friendly, and adaptable layout enables planners to easily assess and plan their relevant scenarios. Visual comparison functionalities, real-time calculated key performance indicators, and data-sharing features allow an informed decision throughout the complete supply chain.

A simple and adaptable UX design helps to display the right information at the right time to make solid decisions with input from the complete supply chain. Users define their working screens on top of a company-wide standard and combine both stationery as well as mobile devices.

Applications and algorithms can be combined and orchestrated in a controlled and simple manner to automize also complex supply chain requirements and scenarios.

Guided workflows with relevant decision proposals reduce the complexity of planning activities and offer non-complex user guidance through intuitive user interfaces.

Elixum Full Logo

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